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Thanksgiving 2010/Dawson's first Thanksgiving

cheese for mac&cheese
Cheese for Joe's Mac & Cheese.

Dawson running around in his walker while we cook.

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Harry Potter

I took my little brother PJ to see Harry Potter 7 (Part One) today. To refresh my memory, I watched HP6 last night.. and had chili cheese fries from Del Taco.

chili cheese fries & harry potter

It was unhealthily delicious. The chili cheese fries, not the movie.. HP7 was INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait for part two. I really wish the story wasn't coming to an end; it really makes me sad to think about it. I'll feel somewhat empty when there are no longer any yearly HP movies to look forward to.. :/
I felt so sad when Dobby died. I want a Dobby..

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It's not that I forget about my blog.. It crosses my mind quite a bit; my life is simply dull. I hardly have anything news-worthy to write or pictures to take.
But here, have a cute picture of D on Halloween:

real baby bear

My real life Baby Bear!
(Yes, I cut myself out. Why? I look awful.)

and some recent pictures of D-baby.

gorgeous eyes

bein' silly

I swear, he's got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. <3

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