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New Year, Better Me

I cannot believe it's already been a year! This time last year, I was spending New Years Eve with Justin's family at their house.. and Dawson was my new years kiss (as he will be this year).
I'm not quite sure why, but I just know this new year is going to be amazing. Dawson is going to start daycare/preschool and I'll FINALLY (after being unemployed for almost two years) be able to get a job! I don't really have anyone that can watch D, seeing as my mother works from 4pm-2am Tuesdays-Fridays. Then she works another job on the weekends. And Justin's family has their own jobs and lives. I've been extremely antsy just staying at home all day, so I'm really excited about being able to get a job! I hate that I feel like I'm not doing anything, but I've got a few more months of that before I start work.

As part of my "New Years Resolution", I'm going to try my HARDEST to stay away from fast food, soda, & junk food as much as possible. I really want to get back into shape and get healthy! I hate feeling so sluggish and lazy; it's gotten so bad that I'm almost out of breath just walking up the stairs! That needs to change, too. I'm definitely planning an exercise routine. I really want to get one of those little bike trailers that can hold babies so I can take Dawson biking with me!
I haven't exactly put off any weight since I stopped trying in May; in fact, as much as I don't want to admit, I've probably gained all of the weight back. But as a somewhat valid excuse, I just haven't had time.. and when I do have time, I don't have anyone to watch Dawson so that I can go running etc.. So losing weight and getting my pre-pregnancy body is a big MUST on my resolution list. I'm tired of having a closet full of clothes that barely fit me anymore! It reaaally kills me that I have limits to what I can wear because everything else makes me look fat. It has to change. It's going to change. I will change. I just need to keep motivating myself.

I'm really looking forward to 2011; I hope I haven't set my expectations too high.

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Christmas 2010

Dawson's first (real) Christmas! We woke up at about 10am, woke everyone up, then opened presents while the prime rib cooked. Mom made the most delicious prime rib dinner last year, and we were so eager to have it again this year! Dawson wasn't too into opening his presents; he was more concerned with shredding the paper. His gifts are pretty much Elmo & Toy Story themed.. his favorites!


Sitting in my lap :)

More pictures after the jump!

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Dawson's 1st Birthday/Christmas Eve!

Birth & One Year! Man, the difference a year makes when they're so tiny.

AND Dawson has FOUR teeth now! They popped up so quickly.

On 12/24/2010, we woke up at 6:30am, which is super early for Dawson (who wakes up at 10am)! We got dressed in our cute pajamas (Dawson in his special Buzz Lightyear jammies) and were off to Nana & Pop's house to celebrate Christmas with them. They always celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Once we got there, we opened presents. Dawson opened all of his first. They spoiled him so much. Justin got D a Buzz Lightyear quad; he was so excited and loved it! Nana & Pop's got me a cupcake cookbook, which I absolutely LOVE! I have actually been eying it for some time now. After the presents were all opened, we celebrated Dawson's birthday and opened his birthday gifts. Then we ate a delicious breakfast: yummy waffles, bacon, & eggs with Sunny D! This was actually my 4th Christmas Eve with Justin's family. Christmas Eve is extremely special to us. Proof:

Christmas Eve 2007: My first Christmas with Justin; the first time I met Deric & Shannon(Pops & Nana). Champ (who is now Dawson's FAVORITE teddy) was born/built at Build-a-bear.
Christmas Eve 2008: My first Christmas I was able to attend the traditional Hall family Christmas Eve party at Grandma & Grampsy's. I had so much fun with Grandma during White Elephant! Liam was born this year and Jared showed Austin a picture of Liam so he could see their similarities. Austin made a remark to Justin, "Hey Fuzz, you should have a kid! Maybe he'd look like me like Liam does Jared!"
Christmas Eve 2009: Dawson was born.
Christmas Eve 2010: Dawson's first birthday!

Anyway, shortly after breakfast, we left to go home, and they left to visit Grandma in the hospital. Once we arrived home, Dawson was knocked out! I changed him into some different pajamas and placed him in his crib, which he slept in for almost 3 hours! Dawson woke up and we headed to the store to pick up some last minute items. I baked some Christmas cupcakes for the Hall CE party, then Justin came and picked us up and we were on our way to Grandma & Grampsy's! Unfortunately, Grandma couldn't physically attend the party, but she was there via Skype/webcam. Dawson played with his fellow baby cousins; it was incredibly adorable to watch! Liam is a year older than Dawson, Lily is a month older than Dawson, and Ewan is a month younger than Dawson, so they're all pretty close in age. Lily hugged Dawson so much he started to push her away! Liam and Ewan are too cute for words! I look at Liam and think, "Wow, Dawson is going to be about that big this time next year!" The party went on till somewhat late, and by the time we got home, Dawson was ready for a bath and nighnighttime!

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Dawson loves bath time!




Dawson has his two bottom teef!

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Thanksgiving 2010/Dawson's first Thanksgiving

cheese for mac&cheese
Cheese for Joe's Mac & Cheese.

Dawson running around in his walker while we cook.

More after the jump..

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Harry Potter

I took my little brother PJ to see Harry Potter 7 (Part One) today. To refresh my memory, I watched HP6 last night.. and had chili cheese fries from Del Taco.

chili cheese fries & harry potter

It was unhealthily delicious. The chili cheese fries, not the movie.. HP7 was INCREDIBLE. I cannot wait for part two. I really wish the story wasn't coming to an end; it really makes me sad to think about it. I'll feel somewhat empty when there are no longer any yearly HP movies to look forward to.. :/
I felt so sad when Dobby died. I want a Dobby..

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It's not that I forget about my blog.. It crosses my mind quite a bit; my life is simply dull. I hardly have anything news-worthy to write or pictures to take.
But here, have a cute picture of D on Halloween:

real baby bear

My real life Baby Bear!
(Yes, I cut myself out. Why? I look awful.)

and some recent pictures of D-baby.

gorgeous eyes

bein' silly

I swear, he's got the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen. <3

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Creepy Cookies-N-Cream Cupcakes

creepy cookies-n-cream cupcakes

I made them today. :)

creepy cookies-n-cream cupcake

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My Favorite Shot So Far


Dawson had this phase when he was 7 months old; he would scrunch up his face and weeze. It was the cutest thing ever! He looked like a Baby Popeye.

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Toothless Baby


I posted that Dawson finally got his first tooth, and I realized that I hadn't posted any pictures of him before his tooth came in. So here we go. :)


These are from when he was 8 months old. Taken on September 7, 2010.

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Baby's First Tooth


Dawson finally has his first tooth coming in. It's especially funny and cute when he smiles now. :) I combed his hair into a little mohawk/faux hawk today.


Today I had a PSY test, and I feel like I've been studying all day nonstop, only to get a B+ on the test. I felt so prepared; I really thought I was going to get an A. I told Dawson "Mommy got a B+ on her test! Gimmie a high five!" and he shook his head no and crawled away from me. I was denied some lovin', probably because I didn't get an A. :(


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We had a WIC appointment today. It was somewhat pointless, seeing as how they were discussing solid food feeding; Dawson is 9 months, so he's already been eating solids for almost 4 months now. Plus I'm pretty sure we already watched that video the last time I was there.. anyway. Afterward, we headed over to Babies-R-Us & Target. I needed to pick up a few things for Dawson and like always, I ended up picking up more than I went for. But it's okay! Because everything was on clearance! Plus I still had a gift card that remained unused and forgotten until now. So I only ended up actually spending about $5. :)


Dawson's new "thing" is really funny and cute. Lately, he has been knocking over his laundry basket and sorting the clothes. I have no idea what the criteria is for each pile, because everything is mix-matched! Watching this whole act is extremely adorable. He picks up each item, examines it, then either places or throws it into a pile. He caught me taking a picture of him doing so.


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How most of my days are spent..


Pretty much self-explanatory. Aside from being a full-time single mommy, I'm also a full-time student. I'm unsure my future career plans, but I do know that I would like to do photography as a hobby. I would love to be a photojournalist, however, I honestly don't ever see that happening. Right now I'm doing PSY 101 homework & studying. This class is so difficult; totally unexpected. It has a surprisingly large amount to do with science, which I was not expecting. It's very interesting, though. A LOT of reading & note taking, which is why I use a clipboard; plus, my computer takes up majority of my desk.. haha. :)


For lunch, I had a salad. I'm trying to stay on the healthy side, yet I can't help but put some croutons in my salads; they're so bland without them! Romaine lettuce, garlic croutons, tiny slices of ham, and topped with a (perhaps overly) generous amount of Light Caesar dressing.. yummy.

Breaks over. Back to studying.

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New Blog

Like I needed another social networking site, right?
Well, this one I actually plan on keeping up with!
I hope.. ;)

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