We had a WIC appointment today. It was somewhat pointless, seeing as how they were discussing solid food feeding; Dawson is 9 months, so he's already been eating solids for almost 4 months now. Plus I'm pretty sure we already watched that video the last time I was there.. anyway. Afterward, we headed over to Babies-R-Us & Target. I needed to pick up a few things for Dawson and like always, I ended up picking up more than I went for. But it's okay! Because everything was on clearance! Plus I still had a gift card that remained unused and forgotten until now. So I only ended up actually spending about $5. :)


Dawson's new "thing" is really funny and cute. Lately, he has been knocking over his laundry basket and sorting the clothes. I have no idea what the criteria is for each pile, because everything is mix-matched! Watching this whole act is extremely adorable. He picks up each item, examines it, then either places or throws it into a pile. He caught me taking a picture of him doing so.


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