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Short Update


Dawson had his first "big boy bath" a couple of weeks ago. He misses the duckie tub, but he loves the spacious big tub. He hasn't quite grasped the concept that bubbles aren't edible yet, as you can see.

In this past week, I've applied to 25 different jobs. I'm hoping that I get a call back from at least one of them by the end of next week! I need to start working soon. Dawson is (hopefully) starting daycare/preschool next or the following week. I really need to get that figured out.

My 21st birthday is on Tuesday the 28th! I wasn't too excited a few months ago, and now that it's crept up pretty quickly, I am really stoked. I've planned a small dinner with a few of my closest friends at the Sugar Factory restaurant. The menu looks delicious! Plus, I've heard their alcoholic beverages are to die for! I really want to take my big camera with me and get pictures of the meals & drinks, but I am so paranoid something will happen to it, so I'll just take my smaller, more portable (not quite as amazing quality) Canon Powershot. Unfortunately, I'm one of the first in my group of friends to turn 21, so we can't really all "celebrate" by clubbing until everyone is legally 21. I can't wait for the last one in the group's birthday (RYAN)! I wish we could throw a big, giant "WE'RE 21!" party for everyone near the end of the year.. that'd be fun!

Anyway, I'm out of words, so have a sleeping baby:


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My Weakness: Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Last week, I was craving some chocolate! Instead of snacking on a Snickers or Hershey's bar, I decided to at least attempt at staying healthy.. so I covered some strawberries in chocolate, haha!



(I also covered some oreos, per my brother's request)

And here is my even healthier alternative which I use for quick snacking


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Making Mochi!

Mochi (Japanese sweet rice cake) is something I've loved since I was a kid growing up in Hawaii. Luckily, my mom has a yummy recipe so I won't be missing it like all the other local foods I had growing up in Hawaii.


The ingredients. (& I love that I got our rice cooker in the shot.. hahaha)


It's a really thin, white mixture.


First layer, HOT PINK!


Second layer, (Barney) Purple!


Third layer, pretty blue!


Fresh out of the oven.


Three layers


Sooo pretty.





Dawson loved 'em! Can you see the powder all over his mouth? haha :)

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On The Daily: Swimming & Kabuki

Yesterday, Dawson & I visited his Nana & Pop's new house. They moved more towards our side of town and they now have a pool! Dawson went swimming for the first time and he totally loved it! Afterward, we went to Kabuki for some sushi during Happy Hour, and let me just say, it was DELICIOUS! On the freeway on the way home, we noticed a huge black cloud of smoke and while driving closer, we realized it was right by my house! I freaked out, thinking it was either my house, or my biffle Cristina's house. But it turned out to be the recycling plant right by my house.

Anyway, onto the pictures!





Daddy ordering sushi, while Dawson points at what he wants.

little monster

He's a little monster.


iced tea

I love iced tea.

kid's meal

Dawson's "kid's meal". Really?! This was like an adult meal! Not bad for only 6 bucks!

rainbow roll

Rainbow Roll.

vegas roll

Vegas Roll.

rainbow & vegas roll

rose roll

Rose Roll.

rose roll




Aftermath. My tummy was SO full. Yuuummy yummy sushi!


The smoke from the fire coming off of the freeway.

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M Resort Buffet Take Two!

I swear, everyone in Vegas needs to try this buffet at least once! We went again, taking my Mama from Hawaii along with us.


First plate. Didn't get much because the syrup from my Macadamia Nut French Toast was getting on everything!


Total diet KILLER. Haha! No I didn't eat it all, just about half. I have the bad habit of grabbing way too much food at buffets. I'm one of those people whose brain is hungrier than their tummies.


Dawson's plate of Macadamia Nut French Toast. He loved the first one so much he wanted more!


Dessert plate one.



This was so YUMMMMMMY... that I had to get two more. One for me, one for D.

See? A bunch of sugar-free cookies for Dawson.


He loved the cookies most.. Couldn't even tell they were sugar-free.


They even had cappuccinos!



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