On The Daily: Swimming & Kabuki

Yesterday, Dawson & I visited his Nana & Pop's new house. They moved more towards our side of town and they now have a pool! Dawson went swimming for the first time and he totally loved it! Afterward, we went to Kabuki for some sushi during Happy Hour, and let me just say, it was DELICIOUS! On the freeway on the way home, we noticed a huge black cloud of smoke and while driving closer, we realized it was right by my house! I freaked out, thinking it was either my house, or my biffle Cristina's house. But it turned out to be the recycling plant right by my house.

Anyway, onto the pictures!





Daddy ordering sushi, while Dawson points at what he wants.

little monster

He's a little monster.


iced tea

I love iced tea.

kid's meal

Dawson's "kid's meal". Really?! This was like an adult meal! Not bad for only 6 bucks!

rainbow roll

Rainbow Roll.

vegas roll

Vegas Roll.

rainbow & vegas roll

rose roll

Rose Roll.

rose roll




Aftermath. My tummy was SO full. Yuuummy yummy sushi!


The smoke from the fire coming off of the freeway.

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