I am so excited! After a little over a month long interviewing/hiring process, I've finally got the Teller position at Wells Fargo! I start tomorrow, 8/24/11. I'm incredibly excited to start working, but I am pretty nervous. I start my training classes next week, at the same time as my college classes! Yikes! I have teller training from 8am-5pm Mon-Thurs & Tues-Thurs the next week! I have quite a bit of things to work out before then, but I really hope this job isn't too stressful, and I really hope my classes this semester aren't too difficult. I'm staying positive and hoping for the best!


It is now 8/28. I guess I forgot to actually post this! I worked on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday! It feels really good to be back in the working world! Man, I'm going to be so busy in the next couple weeks. But I am already loving this job! It's pretty simple and I've only dealt with really nice and patient customers during my training so far!

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