Nail polish & Peppermint LOVE

My obsession with nail art & nail polish has resurfaced, and in perfect timing, too; CVS had a bunch of nail polishes on sale for 75% off, and almost all of them had unexpired coupons attached to them, which means they were all nearly FREE! Needless to say, I picked up a bunch.
nail stuff

See? A BUNCH. And guess how much all of this cost me? $3.58. WITH tax. Yes, I am proud of my findings. I'm such a bargain shopper MOM.

Went to Target to pick up some baby things and ended up in the Christmas clearance section.. I'm surprised they had a decent amount of things left. I picked up some peppermint lotion & body spray.
peppermint yumminess

I couldn't resist! My weakness is definitely things that smell good. I'm so attracted to anything pepperminty. It smells utterly delicious.. and they were 75% off as well. They were about $1.49 each. Not bad at all. :)

While I'm on the topic of peppermint, I got some of this for Christmas:


SUPER duper yumminess. I'm trying to keep with my resolution, so I've definitely got to monitor my chocolate in take. I'm only allowed to have one square a day. It's all about portion control!

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