It really detests me..

When people want to pry into my business, especially regarding my financial situation. Asking things like

  • "How are you getting by when you haven't worked in over a year?" 
  • "How are you supporting Dawson all on your own? Where is the money coming from?" 
  • "How can you afford all those expensive things?" 
Really? I understand the curiosity, but asking these just makes you seem nosy.. it's not like it's any of your business, anyway! But if you really must know..

My father passed away in 2007, and I got a very small share of his life insurance which I was saving to continue my education. (I was never able to qualify for grants or scholarships because my dad made a really good salary.) I worked as full-time as a receptionist from Feb. 2009 - Jul. 2009 and saved nearly all of my income that wasn't spent on car insurance, and at $9.50 an hour, 40 hours a week, it really did add up. I was 3 months pregnant when I got laid off, and couldn't find another job, so I was forced to live off of my savings and that's how I've been financially supporting my son for a little over a year now. Obviously my savings has dwindled, which is the biggest reason why I cannot wait to start working again.
As far as the "nice things" (which I'm assuming refer to my camcorder, computer, etc..), I have a grant and scholarships that allow me to pay for school and anything school related.

So, yes.. raising a child is expensive, I know. I'm not made of money, although it probably may seem that way. I've spent almost my entire savings on anything and everything Dawson-related.

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  1. people are so rude! i am so sorry about your dad! :( i think you are doing an amazing job raising your little guy!!

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