Nail Polish Organized

I feel so accomplished! I finally organized my nail polish collection. I used to keep them in a little crate I bought two years ago when I really began collecting.. but my collection has grown and having no room left in the crate, I just scattered them all around my room. I picked up this organizer box from Target for $11.99, a tad pricey just for use as a storage for my nail polishes, but it has proven to be worth every penny.

nail box

polish collection

More pictures under the cut!

Now, I didn't go out and buy all of these at once. It's just the polishes I've collected over the span of 2 years.  I don't know exactly how many I have, but I'm going to guess it's over 100?

nail box top

nail box bottom


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4 Responses to Nail Polish Organized

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Can you tell me which organizer this is? I definitely need to find one for myself. Thanks!

  2. Amber says:

    It looks like this is the one she has!

  3. MrsGMO says:

    Love l♥ve this!! I just started looking for a new "Nail Polish" Caddy or organizer because my Caddy that I have had for 20 years finally bite the dust!! It was an acrylic caddy with a handle. It looked pretty beat up but I liked it and it did the job! Thanks for sharing your find!

  4. I have this container the only thing you have to worry about is that you have to put shorter polishes on the bottom because the top sits into the bottom and wont fit correctly if the polish bottles are too tall. It gets very heavy as well.

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