Sick Baby & Sick of Studying


Today wasn't too great. I don't want to say "awful, horrid, terrible" etc.. because I'm grateful for every day I'm alive. But today was a headache, yes that's what it was. Dawson was having a hard time breathing last night and has been coughing up a lung (not literally, that's horrible.) He's also refused to eat anything and cried whenever I tried to feed him. So this morning, after 14 failed attempts (yes FOURTEEN) of calling his Pediatrician to set up a doctor's appointment, I took him to UMC Quick Care. They should really change their name to UMC Doesn't Really Care. They are incredibly SLOW. We were in the waiting room for TWO hours before the lady even called us to take our information and insurance down. Then we waited another 30 minutes to get called back. Once placed in an exam room, we waited yet another HOUR for the doctor to actually come in and see us. Turns out, Dawson has infections in both of his ears and mild RSV, which is a respiratory virus. He's on three different medications. I hope my poor little baby gets better soon. He's taking a nap as I type this and attempt to study/read for History & sip on my French Vanilla tea.


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